After living off punk rock throughout his youth, Joel Cuzzi has  marshaled his energy into acoustic compositions that retain an edgy  sensibility. In this post-punk vein, he played under the moniker Full Time  Beret and supported singer-songwriter and No Use for a Name front  man Tony Sly on three tours. He also contributed signature session  work to several Sly albums. Following Sly's tragic death, Joel goes by  his given name and is focused on live performances of new material  from his forthcoming vinyl issue Footprints which is a dedication to Tony.  The new record also features vocal appearances from musicians Jared  Stinson of Sic Waiting and Morty Lopez of the Kegels. 

Engineered in Oakland by Ben Bernstein, and mastered at The Blasting  Room in Fort Collins, Footprints is a tour de force of folk rock. 

Writing about Joel Cuzzi’s pedigree, Streetlight Records observed,  "here is another fan of hardcore who turned to more intimate music,  with a spot of crunch left in it".