Help is on the Way

Here comes your song It's no surprise I hope your ready It's not too long but filled with honesty Under attack again you are the help on the way You carry me I'm sorry if I am too heavy The signal strong, cold hands are holding on My fingers crossed, everything’s ok Help is on the way My light is on To write these words that I made for you Please read along some things are hard to say I'll be your mannequin you can take me home and dress me Those stupid jokes they make you laugh but it’s not funny The signal strong, not sure what’s going on My fingers crossed, everything’s ok Help is on the way

Made to Last

Those expectations made we burned them to the ground Parade and celebrate I looked and finally found And I mean everything I say, I think about you everyday Crashed cars you hit me hard and drinking at the bars Full blast and made to last you're always in my heart And I wonder how you are The schedule says there's so much more to do A list of reasons I believe in you The quire never sang, but I'm just glad you came And it's ok your late cause it was worth the wait Pitch black surprise attack it feels so good to be wrong I wrote you and you wrote me back and I swear it’s been too long So I put you in this song and I would give it all away To be with you today


The world has so much more to say to you but you’re not listening The passenger that has no footprint Blue sky sunshine this is our home Another list on another page how did we get here The water evaporates The moon, the stars, where we are, this is our home So why is this, scientist? Electric daze, DNA Outer space, or just replace Green tree memories this was our home